Embarque - DAY "D"

19 maio, 2011


Olá meninas !!! tudo bem ?
Segue uma lista de perguntas que as hostfamilys podem fazer ... é sempre bom  responder todas elas para ir se habituando  ao vocabulário, esta me ajudando muito e eu espero que possa ajudar vcs tbm !!

1- Why do you want to be an au pair?
2- How did you know about the au pair program?
3- What did you parents say about it?
4- Who do you live with? Do you have a curfew?
5- Do you have any brothers or sisters?
6- What is your sister’s occupation?
7- Are you close to your family?
8- Tell me about your experience with kids?
9- How old are the kids you took care of?
10-Can you cook?
11-How would you discipline children?
12-Can you live away from your family and friends?
13-If you get homesick, what are you going to do?
14-Where do you want to live in the USA?
15-Are you flexible? Would you mind stay with the kids if the parents are a little late?
16-What are your hobbies?
17-How would you spend weekends in the USA?
18-How would you handle bedtime?
19-How would you handle a crying baby?
20-How would you handle jealousy?
21-If you have an emergency?
22-What are your plans when you came back from the USA?
23-Who is going to pay your program?
24-Have you ever lived out of your home country before?
25-Tell us about your personality. Are you a cheerful person?
26-Can you adjust living with a foreign family and be a part of it?
27-Have you ever been an au pair before?
28-How well do you speak our language?
29-Are you planning on going to a language school?
30-What is your parent's occupation?
31-How large is your hometown? Is it a large city or a rural area?
32-What is your last diploma you received? Are you a good student?
33-How is your driving and driving record?
34-Do you have a criminal record?
35-Do you have a boyfriend?
36-Will you request any time off to observe certain religious days?
37-Would you participate in our family outings or vacations?
38-Do you have any first-aid training?
39-How would you approach any problems or issues during your stay?
40-If we want you to teach our children your native language, would you mind speaking to them in your language?
41-How is your health? Do you have any health related issues?
42-What kind of activities would you do with the kids?
43-Can you help the children with homework?
44-Would you treat younger and older children equally?
45-How many children can you take care of?
46-Our children have playmates coming over to our house regularly? Do you mind having more children around some days?
47-How do you think this experience will change you as a person?
48-Why should a family choose you as their au pair?
49-Do you have any special talents or skills that would be useful when caring for children?
50-How do we arrange the vacation schedules?
51 – Do you have any dietary restrictions? Is there any type of food you don’t eat ?
52 - Do you have any allergies ?

 bjusss e t +

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